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Welcome to Go Live Adventurous!

Welcome to Go Live Adventurous!

Welcome to my brand new site!

I’m glad you’re here, and welcome to the adventure. My family and I love to travel and we’re actually getting ready to go on another trip in just a couple of days.

We’re heading back to Grand Cayman. This will be the third trip to GC for my wife and I and the second for my kids.

What makes this trip even more special is that my daughter and I will be getting our scuba certification while we are on the trip. This is something we’ve talked about for several years and now we’re finally making it happen.

We worked with someone local to us to begin our SSI Open Water Certification and then we will do our actual open water certification dives (4 total) while on the trip.

We’ll be working with SeaSports Diving while in Grand Cayman. So far, they’ve been great to work with and super responsive to all questions and requests. I’ll update this blog later and let you know how it goes after we’ve done our dives and have (hopefully) been able to go on a couple of additional dives once we’re certified.

Beaches are definitely one of our favorite adventure and travel destinations. If you like to snorkel (or have an interest in learning), scuba dive, lay on the beach, swim, relax, or all of the above (like us), you definitely need to check out Grand Cayman. You can find flights for just about as much as many domestic flights. Southwest Airlines flies there and we have a travel card with them, as well as vouchers for being caught in that whole debacle last Christmas, so our flights were basically free.

We’ll be there about a week and plan to explore the island, finish up our scuba certification, go snorkeling with the fam, and get some beach and relaxing time in as well.

I’ll update more both on the trip and after.

TTFN & don’t just read about our adventures – go live adventurous yourself! 😀